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Samsung 32 Inch TV UN32EH5000 Features:

The Samsung UN32EH5000 comes fully equipped with a LED-lit display technology. As for resolution, it sports nothing less than true HD quality that is backed up with a relatively high refresh rate. At less than $500 apiece, this LED TV is one of the products that truly give real value for money.

Samsung 32 Inch TV LED Display:

This TV lets you experience the power and fun of a full Samsung 32 inch LED TV experience with the Samsung UN32EH5000. This product is part of the new Series 5 that provides a LED display. This feature makes it possible for images to be seen with amazing clarity due to a high contrast level that really lets the blacks and the whites stand out. All images come out as realistic as possible, and even with fast-paced movements, the quality is never diminished.

Full HD Samsung 32 Inch TV:

To support this powerful LED display, this Samsung 32 Inch TV also boasts of full HD capabilities. Images seem to pop out with this feature that is twice the resolution of standard HD TV’s. Even the simplest details turn to clear image components that all add up for an exceptional viewing experience.

List Price: unavailable
Sale Price: Too low to display.
Availability: unspecified

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Connect Share Movie:

What users will also appreciate about the Samsung UN32EH5000 is its Connect Share Movie technology that allows you to access files from any USB device directly into your 32 inch Samsung TV. The USB port is installed and ready to use, allowing families to share their image and video files on the big screen without the need for other media players or additional devices.

Pros and Cons:

This Samsung LED TV is a powerful but modest device. It does not boast of the latest in technological advancements such as allowing users to access internet applications through their television sets, neither does it have any 3D features or Wi-fi capabilities. However, as a set who’s full purpose is as a simple home television set, this product is definitely good enough to provide a fun and pleasurable experience.

Where to Buy:

The Samsung UN32EH5000 is available through online as well as traditional stores. Online buyers can check out and other famous buying sites, and can even benefit from the reviews written by past customers. It is also best to compare the prices from different stores so that buyers get the best value for money. This Samsung 32 Inch TV can be bought for as low as $300 especially with special sales and promos available.

TV Accessories:

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