With its glass and metal design, the Panasonic TC-PGT50 series plasma television is stylish with clean lines.  This plasma flat screen TV has many options, features and benefits to ownership.  Its progressive full high definition 3D display is THX certified.  It includes the infinite black pro panel, built in Wi-Fi with a web browser, the Vierra App support and 3D real sound with eight train speakers.  The 3D images alternate between the left and right eyes while the lenses of the glasses alternately open and shut at very high speeds.  This causes the brain to perceive 3D pictures and since both eyes are active, they each receive a full high definition 3D image for maximum effect of the picture.


The Smart Vierra Engine Pro included is powered by a dual processor, which ensures a great experience.  The integrated web browser works well, but the really exciting feature are the apps.  They have added VuDu as well as the standards, such as Net Flix.  This set also offers a two-dimension to three-dimension converter with face recognition.


The audio out put is superb and it definitely works well with a surround sound system.  It includes eight train speakers and two sub-woofers for a great stereo sound experience, even without a surround sound system.


With four HDMI inputs, connecting components should be no problem at all.  IT also comes with three USB 2.0 inputs for memory cards, USB enabled cameras and other USB enabled devices.  The composite and component inputs are shared.  Like other Panasonic plasma TVs, this series also includes a slot for an SD card.  Bluetooth for keyboards and audio devices (headphones and speakers) is also built in to the unit.  If the wireless is too slow, no worries, this set has an Ethernet port for a hard wired connection.  The digital audio output is located on the lower portion of the back.


With its awesome multi-tasking abilities, this set allows the user to interact on Facebook or Twitter and still watch TV.  The E-help feature allows the user to easily access information most commonly needed, although not in as much detail as the printed guide.  The multitasking feature allows the user to quickly switch between several web pages.  This makes it easy to compare the information presented on each page and is a wonderful way to get the entire family involved.


When getting ready to purchase a new flat screen TV, looking for the best plasma TV deals is important.  There are many TV deals online, and by doing the proper research, plasma TV deals are relatively easy to find.  Whether you are looking for a 32 inch TV or a 60 inch TV, the best place to start is by reading all the flat screen TV reviews you can.  Following this process is sure to help you make the right purchasing decision when looking for the best TV deals out there.  Purchasing a flat screen TV, regardless of type (LED TV, LCD TV, or Plasma TV) is a big decision, so make sure you make an informed purchasing decision.

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