This Panasonic plasma TV is a truly breathtaking offering in the plasma flat screen world.  The TC-PST50 is no exception.  It delivers everything one could expect from a mid-range offering and then some.  Available in fifty inch, fifty-five inch, sixty inch and sixty-five inch sizes, there is sure to be one that fits both your space and budget.  It has definitely hit the optimal mix between picture quality, features and overall price.  For the value conscious shopper, this is one of the best TV deals, not just one of the best plasma TV deals.


The picture quality, optimized for a 16:9 aspect ratio, offers deep blacks, which allow it to hold its own against comparably sized more costly plasma TVs.  In its cinema mode, the color is excellent, straight out of the box.  Even without the ten-point white balance adjustments available on other Panasonic models, the colors may be adjusted to provide excellent lifelike colors.


The ST50 comes with a frame-smoothing algorithm (series of steps) named Motion Smoother, which can slow down the action so much it seems more surreal than life-like. .  Fortunately, this is optional and may be turned off without too much impact on the moving picture quality.  The sixty Hertz frame refresh rate allows cinema (Blu-Ray) content to be smoothly shown.  While the set offers a forty-eight Hertz refresh rate as well, the excessive flicker it causes makes it a generally poor choice.


Panasonic has increased the maximum light output on the ST50, which translates to more vivid, brighter colors.  When taken with the Infinite Black Pro panel, this TV performs very well in less than optimal viewing conditions.  Since active 3D automatically lowers the brightness, the extra light output is much appreciated when the glasses are used.  The overall 3D picture quality is excellent with little crosstalk and good motion handling.  Unfortunately, the glasses are sold separately, so be sure to include them in your budget.

The ST50 includes the Vierra Connect Suite, with apps, and works very well indeed.  Due to its long list of supported sources and built in Wi-Fi, there is very little need for a separate box.  It also comes with a built in web browser, which is nice, but hardly necessary.


This series comes with three HDMI inputs, one set of component inputs and one set of composite audio inputs.  It also accepts SD cards, with one port, two USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet jack and a digital audio output.  The multiple types and number of inputs make this an excellent TV for the technophile.


Doing plenty of research by reading as many flat screen TV reviews as possible to choose a set that will best meet your needs will pay big dividends in savings.  Using the Internet to check for cheap TV deals and plasma TV deals will allow you to find the best TV deals available.  Sometimes cheap televisions are not the best fit, but with a little time spent on checking out online TV deals, cheap does not have to mean garbage.

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