The 4000 series LED TV from Samsung is available in two sizes, either in a 26 inch TV or a 32 inch TV; this big screen TV is an excellent choice for smaller spaces, such as kitchens and bed rooms.  This 720p HDTV is an affordable alternative to the more expensive 1080p models.  Loaded with features, the online TV deals for this popular Samsung LED big screen TV are awesome.  It is still loaded with features not usually associated with cheap flat screens.  This series is readily available for purchase, either in the United States of America, Canada or other world wide locations.


This series by Samsung lives up to their reputation for dependable simplicity.  It includes 2HDMI inputs, a USB 2.0, one component, one composite RF in, a dedicated game mode and a built in DTV Tuner.  The dynamic contrast ratio is three million to one, or incredible!  While the 720p resolution is not as dense as the 1080p, it is still offers excellent clarity and crispness for the viewer, or game player.


The frame refresh rate for the screen is sixty Hertz (cycles per second), as is Samsung’s Clear Motion Rate.  While the refresh rate deals only with the cycles per second speed, the Clear Motion Rate is a composite of three factors.   It includes the frame refresh rate, the video processor speed and the backlight technology of the Samsung TV.


The factory audio system is SRS TheaterSound® HD.  It has an output of five W by two with down firing and full range speaker type.  It also has a mini audio out jack.  This will make connection to your surround sound system as easy as it can possibly be.


Like most big screen TVs, it includes a stand, but an optional wall mount may also be purchased to increase your placement options.  This is one of the better features of big screen TVs, especially the 32 inch and larger size flat screen TVs.


The Wide Color Enhancer Plus is one of those features you don’t notice until you’ve got it and someone else doesn’t.  It ensures the picture on the screen matches the director of the movies vision.  It automatically displays the spectrum of colors that were actually captured during the filming.  In other words, the TV will display what the director envisioned, not whatever the TV is able to show.


Both the 26 inch TV and the 32 inch TV are wonderful bargains now.  As time passes, it is certain to drop even further.  Before you buy this big screen TV, be sure to check out all the big screen TV reviews you can find. Reviews are an excellent way to find out how other shoppers feel about a particular product.  It is also important to visit the manufacturer’s website for the most up to date technical information. Online HDTV deals are rampant, and finding LED TV deals on this model should pose no problem for the savvy shopper.

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