Sleek and stylish the Samsung LND630’s clear edge makes the bezel around the screen appear thinner than it is.   A thin bronze strip offsets the lower black edge, while the base mount is made of a high gloss plastic.  This model features Samsung’s standard, backlit remote and the same menus as their previous offerings.  If you are familiar with the others, navigation will be a snap with this one.


This series offers televisions in two sizes, the 46 inch TV and the 40 inch TV.  The main difference between the two is the diagonal measurement of the screen.  The forty-six inch offers an actual forty-five point nine inch measurement.  The forty-inch is actually forty inches on diagonal.  Other than that, the two’s features are identical.  They offer a one hundred twenty hertz screen refresh rate for an even crisper more realistic picture.  Additionally, Samsung uses a three-part formula to determine the televisions Clear Motion Rate.  They take into account the refresh rate (measured in Hertz, or cycles per second), the image processor speed, and the backlight technology.  It also features full HD 1080p resolution on the screen, with a native resolution of one thousand nine hundred twenty by one thousand eighty pixels.  It boasts a dynamic contrast ratio of two hundred fifty thousand to one.


This series also comes with 4 HDMI input ports, two USB 2.0 port, two component input ports, two composite inputs, a PC (D-sub fifteen pin) input, an Ethernet port, an audio out mini-jack, DVI audio input and a PC audio input (mini-jack).  With all of these inputs, this television is ideal all your entertainment needs.  Additionally, it includes a built in DTV tuner, Allshare™, ConnectShare™, Anynet+™ and a V chip.


Allshare™ software enables your PC to communicate and share videos, photos, and music between enabled devices.  The shared items are stored in the cloud, so are readily available for the user.  The connect share feature allows the user to access movies or pictures from the television remote directly from the camera or a USB storage device.  The Anynet™ feature allows the TV remote to control other components, such as DVD players.  The V chip gives the parents control over the ratings of shows which may be viewed on this flat screen TV.


Taken as a whole, the Samsung series 630 is an exceptional value for the money, and is available for online TV deals.  This LCD TV is a cheap television option for a great one hundred twenty hertz alternative to and LED TV.  It may be the best LCD TV currently available.


Before purchasing this, or any other LCD TV, it is important to look for TV deals online, specifically HDTV deals, as well as TV deals available elsewhere.  Be sure to read all the flat screen reviews to be found.  After the research is completed, then the decision can be made where to buy and whether to buy an LED or an LCD TV for your big screen TV needs.

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